A Sky Full of Secrets


Months after getting kicked out of college my senior year, I made a split decision and moved in with my best friend and his roommate, Nix.

I never thought I’d try the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing with Phoenix but he didn’t seem to mind when I offered up the idea.
We promised no feelings would get involved.
We lied to each other, to ourselves.
In his eyes, I wasn’t just the deaf girl or the family burden. I was beautiful and smart and a bit crazy with some anger issues which he overlooked because to him, I was normal.
We were never supposed to be more, but you can’t fight that pull when the stars align.

This book was REALLY good! The characters were extremely likable and the book was very well written. Also the cover, it’s so beautiful! I love a really well written friends-with-benefits turned more read. This was definitely a new take on it, given that the main character is living with a disability. She became deaf as a child due to meningitis. 

I really love that this book didn’t have the characters be insta-love, it was a slow build, like a normal real-life relationship. They got to know each other. A definite must read for any romance lover! 

The Struggle


Recap book 2: Aiden and Alex return. They go to find the missing demigods. Solos dies (😭). Seth becomes the god killer and leaves Josie. 

This book starts off with zombies, honest to goodness crawling from a chasm that split demigod Gables living room, mother f*cking zombies. In pops Hyperion, he literally grabs Josie and poofs her away to be his prisoner and feed off of her. Meanwhile Seth is a god now. Josie endures 9 days of hell with the titans before Perseus takes her out of their warded warehouse and leaves her in the woods for Seth and Aiden to get her.

After some time Josie wakes up in Seth’s childhood home suffering some major PTSD, but honestly could you blame her? This part seriously had my heart wrenching and brought tears to my eyes for her. I don’t want to spoil way too much, the other half of the book OMG. This book was such an emotinal read. Even more so than the first two. I absolutely CANNOT wait for the next book!!!


Jessa, a writer at heart, spends her time dreaming of different worlds and different lives and writing it down. One day, Finn, a character she thinks she dreamed up shows up in real life and it makes things super complicated. After a breakdown, Jess learns that her and Finn are travelers, people who have the ability to travel to different realities. 

I’m a bit unsure how I feel about this book at the start but the ending is phenomenal. From the beginning, the transition from what’s happening from the end of one chapter to the beginning of the next is extremely confusing. Jessa learns how to travel between realities and does so alone multiple times. My favorite is her meeting pirate Finn. This book is seriously great, there are TWO twist endings which have me seriously dying to read the next book. Just 13 more months to go! 

The Power

Now onto part 2. 

So recap on last book, Sethie gets Josie to the Covenant and Josie decides to train with Seth and Luke. Seth feels like he isn’t worthy of Josie, but she finally FINALLY!!! convinces him that yes, he is amazing cuz duh. Alarm bells go off in the Covenant a few days after Marcus realizes a whole group of sentinels go missing and SUPRISE, a bunch of sentinels being used as meat puppets by the shades come using down the Covenant doors. Luckily the half’s and pure’s fare better with shade attacks and actually survive once they leave their bodies, unlike the puny little mortals. Josie is taken and Seth and Apollo go to the rescue. Josie’s powers are awakes and she sends Hyperion to time out to think about what he’s done. The book ends with Josie and Sethie cuddling in the hospital.

Now onto book two. Yet another masterpiece. I seriously cannot praise Jennifer Armentrout enough for being such an amazing author. 

Seth seriously frustrated me in this book. His mentality about himself, even though he started thinking differently thanks to Josie in the last book, goes back to how it was before. He becomes a complete d-bag and Josie deserved way better than that. Then all is right again. It’s a whirlwind of emotions in this book. Alex and Aidan make their return, yay! Hercules makes an appearance, a new demigod is found, a friend dies, Seth goes god killer on a titan. This book is insanely action packed. 

The Return

Another Jennifer Armentrout 5 star read, amirightguys?! So Apollo is enlisting Seth into getting his daughter, a demigod named Josie, to the covenant so she can gear up with the other demigods to defeat the badass titans.

Seth, holy hell. Like that’s the only way I can describe him without bursting into flames. I absolutely ADORED him in the Covenant series so him having a spin-off series is the bomb! 

The chemistry between Seth and Josie is pretty steamy. This book is action packed just like the Covenant series was. Plus it’s loaded with plenty of cameos from all the characters you love. On to the next one! 

Till Death

I seriously lucked out and was given an ARC for Jennifer Armentrouts book. I seriously fangirl over her books, guys. So this was a dream come true. 

So, as with any other JLA book, I got sucked in. I was supposed to be moving and getting my old house all packed and cleaned to move to my new house across the US. Nope. Didn’t happen. I sat down and binge read and ended up having to rush to get things done at the last minute. But, IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!

Yes this is a suspense. But that doesn’t mean it is just a suspense novel. It’s got plenty of romance in it, like every other wonderful JLA book does. Cole is seriously a dream. He is literally the epitome of perfect. 

The storyline is seriously amazing. The twist at the end totally catches you off guard. This book is insanely good, even if you aren’t a suspense lover it’s a must read! 

By Your Side

Once again, Kasie West gives us an unforgettable romance novel. I am a HUGE fan of her work! My all time favorite being The Fill-In Boyfriend, now is tied with By Your Side. 

Well behaved, goody Autumn finds herself locked in the local library with the school bad boy, Dax. West provides humor and romance through out the whole novel. 

One thing that blew me away, the main character, Autumn, experiences anxiety. So rarely do books, especially romance novels, touch upon mental illness. Author Kasie West provided a really accurate look to anxiety disorders. 

I look forward to reading all that Kasie West puts out, she is definitely an insta-buy author for me. I hope everyone takes the time to read this masterpiece.