The Struggle


Recap book 2: Aiden and Alex return. They go to find the missing demigods. Solos dies (😭). Seth becomes the god killer and leaves Josie. 

This book starts off with zombies, honest to goodness crawling from a chasm that split demigod Gables living room, mother f*cking zombies. In pops Hyperion, he literally grabs Josie and poofs her away to be his prisoner and feed off of her. Meanwhile Seth is a god now. Josie endures 9 days of hell with the titans before Perseus takes her out of their warded warehouse and leaves her in the woods for Seth and Aiden to get her.

After some time Josie wakes up in Seth’s childhood home suffering some major PTSD, but honestly could you blame her? This part seriously had my heart wrenching and brought tears to my eyes for her. I don’t want to spoil way too much, the other half of the book OMG. This book was such an emotinal read. Even more so than the first two. I absolutely CANNOT wait for the next book!!!

The Power

Now onto part 2. 

So recap on last book, Sethie gets Josie to the Covenant and Josie decides to train with Seth and Luke. Seth feels like he isn’t worthy of Josie, but she finally FINALLY!!! convinces him that yes, he is amazing cuz duh. Alarm bells go off in the Covenant a few days after Marcus realizes a whole group of sentinels go missing and SUPRISE, a bunch of sentinels being used as meat puppets by the shades come using down the Covenant doors. Luckily the half’s and pure’s fare better with shade attacks and actually survive once they leave their bodies, unlike the puny little mortals. Josie is taken and Seth and Apollo go to the rescue. Josie’s powers are awakes and she sends Hyperion to time out to think about what he’s done. The book ends with Josie and Sethie cuddling in the hospital.

Now onto book two. Yet another masterpiece. I seriously cannot praise Jennifer Armentrout enough for being such an amazing author. 

Seth seriously frustrated me in this book. His mentality about himself, even though he started thinking differently thanks to Josie in the last book, goes back to how it was before. He becomes a complete d-bag and Josie deserved way better than that. Then all is right again. It’s a whirlwind of emotions in this book. Alex and Aidan make their return, yay! Hercules makes an appearance, a new demigod is found, a friend dies, Seth goes god killer on a titan. This book is insanely action packed. 

The Return

Another Jennifer Armentrout 5 star read, amirightguys?! So Apollo is enlisting Seth into getting his daughter, a demigod named Josie, to the covenant so she can gear up with the other demigods to defeat the badass titans.

Seth, holy hell. Like that’s the only way I can describe him without bursting into flames. I absolutely ADORED him in the Covenant series so him having a spin-off series is the bomb! 

The chemistry between Seth and Josie is pretty steamy. This book is action packed just like the Covenant series was. Plus it’s loaded with plenty of cameos from all the characters you love. On to the next one! 

The Call

Woah was I pleasantly surprised by this book! It was not at all what I expected. The fae are portrayed as terrifying monsters. The imagery in this book is honestly phenomenal. The author paints a scary picture for the world Nessa and her friends live in. Honestly, I feel like the book ended on a cliff hanger, and I so hope the author plans on writing a sequel. This books storyline is so uniquely creative and action packed, with a touch of romance and a huge dose of horror. It makes me so thankful the call doesn’t exist in our world. 

Embers in the Sea

 EMBERS IN THE SEA (Fire in The Woods #3)

Author: JenniferM. Eaton

Pub. Date: January 31, 2017

Publisher: Month9Books

Format: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 300

Find it: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | TBD


Alien scientist David has dealt with disappointment his entire life, but failing to breathe life into the planet Mars is his greatest regret. Out of options and in need of a new home for their people, the alien Caretakers rekindle their plan to inhabit Earth. First they will have to eliminate the human race, including Jess, the only human David holds dear.


Humanity has one final chance at survival. David needs to emulate Earth’s precipitation on Mars. But the catalyst to make it rain lies in the fathomless depths of Earth’s ocean.


The clock is ticking down to humanity’s last hours as Jess and David face a world more alien than either of them can imagine. The sea hides secrets, but some secrets don’t want to be found.


I am a part of this blog tour. This is the third book of the Fire In the Wood series. The plan for Davids kind to settle on Mars failed so now his kind seek to overtake the Earth, which means goodbye human race. David and Jess have to find a solution to make Mars rain so the caretakers will settle on Mars and leave Earth alone. I’ve usually had problems reading series straight through but this series is so action packed I couldn’t put it down. If you enjoyed Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux series you are sure to enjoy this series! 

 About Jennifer

Jennifer M. Eaton hails from the eastern shore of the North American Continent on planet Earth. Yes, regrettably, she is human, but please don’t hold that against her. While not traipsing through the galaxy looking for specimens for her space moth collection, she lives with her wonderfully supportive husband and three energetic offspring. (And a poodle who runs the spaceport when she’s not around.)

During infrequent excursions to her home planet of Earth, Jennifer enjoys long hikes in the woods, bicycling, swimming, snorkeling, and snuggling up by the fire with a great book; but great adventures are always a short shuttle ride away.

Who knows where we’ll end up next?

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Title: SOULMATED (Joining of Souls #1)

Author: Shaila Patel

Pub. Date: January 24, 2017

Publisher: Month9Books

Format: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook

Pages: 300

Find it: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | TBD
Two souls. One Fate.

Eighteen-year-old Liam Whelan, an Irish royal empath, has been searching for his elusive soulmate. The rare union will cement his family’s standing in empath politics and afford the couple legendary powers, while also making them targets of those seeking to oust them.

Laxshmi Kapadia, an Indian-American high school student from a traditional family, faces her mother’s ultimatum: Graduate early and go to medical school, or commit to an arranged marriage.

When Liam moves next door to Laxshmi, he’s immediately and inexplicably drawn to her. In Liam, Laxshmi envisions a future with the freedom to follow her heart.

Liam’s father isn’t convinced Laxshmi is “The One” and Laxshmi’s mother won’t even let her talk to their handsome new neighbor. Will Liam and Laxshmi defy expectations and embrace a shared destiny? Or is the risk of choosing one’s own fate too great a price for the soulmated?


The book starts off really interesting with a boy named Liam taking a test along with his cousin, William, to see who will lead the royal empath house of O’connor. Liam, a prince, is appointed. He wins by having strong empath skills. He and his family are looking for something and his father has a vision of Alaska. His fathers visions are frequently changing, so they have been on a wild goose chase searching for an extremely long time.

This book has different POV’s. One being Liam, and the other being Laxshmi. Laxshmi deals with the pressures of her super strict mother on a daily basis. She has to either excel in her studies or she will have to be part of an arranged marriage.

Luck would have it Liam and his family move to the same neighborhood as Laxshmi in North Carolina and is only a couple of houses down. Liam is there searching for his soulmate. So he can have a chance of being an elder one day in his community. Even though Liam has absolutely no interest in politics.

Liam and Laxshmi or “Lucky” as Liam calls her, develop a relationship.

The characters are so likable. The storyline is extremely enthralling. I also really LOVE the diversity in this book! Shaila Patel is a wonderful author. The descriptions are so complex, detailed, and amazing. This is not a book to miss!

About Shaila: img_4471

As an unabashed lover of all things happily-ever- after, Shaila’s younger self would finish reading Cinderella and fling her copy across the room because it didn’t mention what happened next. Now she writes from her home in the Carolinas and dreams up all sorts of stories with epilogues. A member of the Romance Writers of America, she’s a pharmacist by training, a medical office manager by day, and a writer by night. She enjoys traveling, craft beer, and teas, and loves reading books—especially in cozy window seats. You might find her sneaking in a few paragraphs at a red light or connecting with other readers online at:

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The Wolf of Dorian Gray 


The Wolf of Dorian Gray: A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man is the first book of a series revolving around the classic figure of Dorian Gray and his struggles with evil, which takes the form here of the last remaining wolf in 1800s England. 

  As in the original Oscar Wilde Portrait of Dorian Gray, Dorian faces the temptations of wicked forces and the drive to be good; but unlike Portrait, a wolf enters the picture to grow from a persecuted, hunted beast into a dangerous, malevolent force that enters London with malevolent intentions. 

  In this scenario Dorian may be the only force that can stop or transform it – or, is he just another pawn in the devil’s game?

I have to say, when I was asked to review this book I was instantly intrigued. I had read The Picture of Dorian Gray a while ago and absolutely enjoyed it. Here we have something entirely unique. 

A man. A wolf. A painting.

The book starts off intense from the beginning and becomes an emotional roller coaster. I do also feel a bit bad for James in the prologue and his untimely end. Mr. Ference killed off a character faster than George R.R. Martin! Pretty impressive I would say.

Sage is soft spoken. Lady Helena is a bit pushy and a bit of a floozy. Dorian Gray comes off as a jerk who always tries to find a way to justify his horrible means.  The way he talks to Sage at points is honestly appalling. Like when he tells Lady Helena she must stay because keeping company with Sage is boring. He begins to have a rather brazen nightlife with Lady Helena and starts keeping company with Sage less and less. Dorian’s relationship and connection with the wolf is very interesting. 

I imagine this would definitely be the modernized version of The Picture of Dorian Gray. This book will suck you in, and have you putting off other obligations just to finish the book. The authors writing is absolutely wonderful. I would have to say that this is definitely a book intended for adults. As there are a few instances of discussed drug use, although for this time period was normal, as well as some mentioned scenes of a sexual nature. 

This book is very deserving of its high ratings. It is an excellent book. I look forward to reading what Brian Ference puts out in the future. You can buy a copy of this wonderful read for yourself or for a friend here!