Till Death

I seriously lucked out and was given an ARC for Jennifer Armentrouts book. I seriously fangirl over her books, guys. So this was a dream come true. 

So, as with any other JLA book, I got sucked in. I was supposed to be moving and getting my old house all packed and cleaned to move to my new house across the US. Nope. Didn’t happen. I sat down and binge read and ended up having to rush to get things done at the last minute. But, IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!

Yes this is a suspense. But that doesn’t mean it is just a suspense novel. It’s got plenty of romance in it, like every other wonderful JLA book does. Cole is seriously a dream. He is literally the epitome of perfect. 

The storyline is seriously amazing. The twist at the end totally catches you off guard. This book is insanely good, even if you aren’t a suspense lover it’s a must read! 

The Call

Woah was I pleasantly surprised by this book! It was not at all what I expected. The fae are portrayed as terrifying monsters. The imagery in this book is honestly phenomenal. The author paints a scary picture for the world Nessa and her friends live in. Honestly, I feel like the book ended on a cliff hanger, and I so hope the author plans on writing a sequel. This books storyline is so uniquely creative and action packed, with a touch of romance and a huge dose of horror. It makes me so thankful the call doesn’t exist in our world. 

The Wolf of Dorian Gray 


The Wolf of Dorian Gray: A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man is the first book of a series revolving around the classic figure of Dorian Gray and his struggles with evil, which takes the form here of the last remaining wolf in 1800s England. 

  As in the original Oscar Wilde Portrait of Dorian Gray, Dorian faces the temptations of wicked forces and the drive to be good; but unlike Portrait, a wolf enters the picture to grow from a persecuted, hunted beast into a dangerous, malevolent force that enters London with malevolent intentions. 

  In this scenario Dorian may be the only force that can stop or transform it – or, is he just another pawn in the devil’s game?

I have to say, when I was asked to review this book I was instantly intrigued. I had read The Picture of Dorian Gray a while ago and absolutely enjoyed it. Here we have something entirely unique. 

A man. A wolf. A painting.

The book starts off intense from the beginning and becomes an emotional roller coaster. I do also feel a bit bad for James in the prologue and his untimely end. Mr. Ference killed off a character faster than George R.R. Martin! Pretty impressive I would say.

Sage is soft spoken. Lady Helena is a bit pushy and a bit of a floozy. Dorian Gray comes off as a jerk who always tries to find a way to justify his horrible means.  The way he talks to Sage at points is honestly appalling. Like when he tells Lady Helena she must stay because keeping company with Sage is boring. He begins to have a rather brazen nightlife with Lady Helena and starts keeping company with Sage less and less. Dorian’s relationship and connection with the wolf is very interesting. 

I imagine this would definitely be the modernized version of The Picture of Dorian Gray. This book will suck you in, and have you putting off other obligations just to finish the book. The authors writing is absolutely wonderful. I would have to say that this is definitely a book intended for adults. As there are a few instances of discussed drug use, although for this time period was normal, as well as some mentioned scenes of a sexual nature. 

This book is very deserving of its high ratings. It is an excellent book. I look forward to reading what Brian Ference puts out in the future. You can buy a copy of this wonderful read for yourself or for a friend here!

This Savage Song 


Kate Harker wants to be as ruthless as her father. After five years and six boarding schools, she’s finally going home to prove that she can be.

August Flynn wants to be human. But he isn’t. He’s a monster, one that can steal souls with a song. He’s one of the three most powerful monsters in a city overrun with them. His own father’s secret weapon.
Their city is divided.
Their city is crumbling.
Kate and August are the only two who see both sides, the only two who could do something.
But how do you decide to be a hero or a villain when it’s hard to tell which is which?
Corsai, Corsai, tooth and claw,
Shadow and bone will eat you raw.
Malchai, Malchai, sharp and sly,
Smile and bite and drink you dry.
Sunai, Sunai, eyes like coal,
Sing you a song and steal your soul.
Monsters, monsters, big and small,
They’re gonna come and eat you all.


This book started off a bit slow to me. Let me start off by saying I absolutely adored August but hated Kate as a character. I also wish Ilsa would have been a bigger part of the story, but I guess there is always hope that she will be in book two. 

The story itself is very interesting and unique. I absolutely loved that about this book. It’s never been done before. 

All in all I liked the book a good bit but it seemed a bit rushed and wasn’t quite action packed as I expected. Just a warning, super cliff hanger ending. It definitely leaves you eagerly awaiting for book two to release.

The Bargaining

As some of you may know, if you follow me on Instagram, for the month of October I exclusively read horror novels. It’s become a tradition for me. To start off October, I started reading the bargaining.

Description: The fact that neither of her parents wants to deal with her is nothing new to Penny. She’s used to being discussed like a problem, a problem her mother has finally passed on to her father. What she hasn’t gotten used to is her stepmother…especially when she finds out that she’ll have to spend the summer with April in the remote woods of Washington to restore a broken-down old house. 

Set deep in a dense forest, the old Carver House is filled with abandoned antique furniture, rich architectural details, and its own chilling past. The only respite Penny can find away from April’s renovations is in Miller, the young guy who runs the local general store. He’s her only chance at a normal and enjoyable summer. 
But Miller has his own connection to the Carver house, and it’s one that goes beyond the mysterious tapping Penny hears at her window, the handprints she finds smudging the glass panes, and the visions of children who beckon Penny to follow them into the dark woods. Miller’s past just might threaten to become the terror of Penny’s future…

My review: I absolutely loved this book! It was gripping and creepy. The descriptions of those kids of the woods that Penny gives are absolutely gruesome. I also loved the mystery of it. There’s nothing better to me than a horror novel with a bit of mystery to it. A definite must read if you want to lie awake at night, too afraid one of those children will come through your room window and drag you into the north woods.