Love and Luck


I really enjoyed how the book tied into Love and Gelato. It tells the story of Lina’s best friend Addie. I loved how it was extremely descriptive of the scenery and the romance was pretty understated so it didn’t draw away from the imagery. But then again, it was so understated what is hinted at the end is extremely unexpected.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book but didn’t care too much for how ‘whiny’ Addie is, and I wish the ending would have gone more into detail.


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  1. Nice to hear your thoughts on this one 🙂 I recently read Love & Gelato and thought it was a fun, quick read. I also made some gelato to with it, if you’re interested:

    – Megan @ The Hungry Bookworm (kind of like The Starving Bookworm! :P)

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    1. That is so great, thank you!!! I will definitely be checking it out!!!


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