The Prophecy⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The end has come.
Old gods will fall.
New ones will rise…
and Seth and Josie will need more than love to survive the final battle that could not only destroy them, but the world as they know it.

Man, Seth is looking so foooooine on the cover.

“I do not need one of your hugs. Nope. Not today, Satan”

“Why? I like his hugs. They’re all warm and squishy”

“What? He must give you nicer hugs than me, I’m pretty sure I end up bruised after his hugs.”

Deacon lowered his arms and pouted “You gave me a sad.”

This book is seriously hilarious and is everything I could have ever dreamed of. One scene in particular, about 15% into the book, had me laughing myself to tears.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this book. I love the Josie-Seth banter and random hilarious internal monologues. Add in the rest of the pack and it’s non-stop laughs.

Jennifer really knows how to properly conclude a series. ( Even though I wish they would go on forever especially this one). This will feel all the feels, especially towards the end. Never say never, if you haven’t shed a tear while reading a book, this could very well be the first time you do. I know it definitely left me very emotional and in need of donuts.

I’m incredibly sad that this series is concluding but Jennifer did an amazing job and I will definitely be re-reading the series multiple times.


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