The Ghost Chronicles⭐⭐⭐⭐

Michael had everything before an accident took his life. Now a ghost, wandering among the living, he just wants to move on.

Until he meets Sarah, a girl who died tragically just like he did. But falling in love and binding yourself to someone else is forbidden because it may keep one soul or both on the earth longer the they should be. Everytime they touch they feel their energies slipping towards one another.

Things get even worse when Michael discovers he’s being pursued by demons for being a marked soul, meaning the devil wants him badly for some reason. Falling in love is a bad idea.

I loved that this book was inspired by a B&B haunting legend in real life! Also, paranormal AND romance in one book, yes please!

I was hoping it would be a bit scary, but it ended up being a very good book! It did start off a bit slow in the beginning. The action didn’t pick up until almost halfway through the book. I did really like that it focuses on the afterlife aspect.


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