The Wicked Deep⭐⭐⭐⭐

Welcome to the cursed town of Sparrow

Where two centuries ago, three sisters were sentenced to death for witchcraft. Stones were tied to their ankles and they were drowned in the river.

Now for a small amount of time each summer, the sisters come back by stealing the bodies of weak hearted girls and lure boys to the harbor and pull them under.

Like all the locals, Penny has accepted the fate of the town. But this year, the eve of the sisters return a boy named Bo comes to town unaware of the danger. Mistrust spreads quickly and the town folk turn against each other.

Penny and Bo suspect the other is hiding secrets. And death comes swiftly from the sisters. But Penny can see what the others can’t and she has to make a choice- save Bo or save herself.

This book was incredibly interesting. I liked the idea of a book being Supernatural-esque (OMG Sam and Dean,guys! *drool*). I love how dark and magical it is. I love how well the author writes and is able to keep a fresh take on witches. Plus the cover is absolutely gorgeous! Do yourself a favor and pick this book up!


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  1. Great review! I have been wanting to read this book since I first heard about it since it is deals with the Salem Witch Trials. I have always been fascinated with this part of history as I have always wondered if this is the reason why I have not gotten my Hogwarts Letter yet. Also, just having some relation with ghosts is super awesome! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book!

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