Rogue Queen⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is the third book of the Hundredth Queen series. This is not a standalone so you should definitely read the first two before reading my review.****

Kalinda has survived being married to a tyrant, tournaments to the death, her power over fire that is forbidden, and the touch of a demon.

That demon disguises itself as Kalindas late husband. When it took control of the palace it branded Kalinda a traitor and now she is on the run.

In the safe haven she finds, her powers are not forbidden. But she soon realizes the demon poisoned her and now her power is uncontrollable. Now Kalinda is set on taking back the empire.

This book is definitely action packed. It’s got a bit of everything you could want in a fantasy series. There aren’t too many dull moments and it proceeds at a steady pace.


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