January Book Haul📚

This is definitely a new type of post up on the blog.

So new years resolution, I told myself I was going to limit myself to 20 physical books I am allowed to buy, exceptions to the 20 are signed books and ARC’s and for the month of January I have gotten 2 books that count toward my 20.

The books were Everless (I had to have it guys! 😻 it’s so BEAUTIFUL!) and The Last Breath by Rachel Caine because I want to finish buying the whole Morganville vampires series, not even knowing if I’ll ever get back into the vampire book mood.

I have an AMAZING local bookstore I love going to. I go to it rarely though because I am the absolute worst at parallel parking and that’s pretty much the only way to park close to it and not have to walk a mile with two little hobbits in tow telling me every five steps that their legs hurt and they’re hungry, even though they’ve had a breakfast, snack, and two lunches. But anyway I’m getting way off track which is pretty common when you hold a conversation with me.

To continue on with my long and extremely boring story, this favorite bookstore is in Madison, WI and it is called A Room of One’s Own. I absolutely love to support local businesses and nothing is more relaxing than going into a local cozy bookstore after spending 30 minutes trying to parallel park. Plus you can get ARC’s of books by purchasing a regularly priced book and donating to a local non-profit, how awesome is that?

I highly recommend this bookstore if you are ever in the Madison area. And if you are ever in the Madison area hit me up to hang out for some coffee and book time! Oh and here is a closer picture of my book haul for the month! I was fortunate enough to get a signed copy of The Immortalists since the author is a Madison native.


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