Ingrid realizes she may not have what it takes to get into a prestigious art school in Australia so she dyes her hair pink. Her new hair color attracts Kat who introduces her to the LGBT clubbing scene. She enjoys partying but becomes confused about who she is and that scares her. Trying to figure things out is all she can think about until she finds out her best friend is pregnant.

As she helps her best friend she discovers who she is and decides to work it into her everyday life.

This book gets an A+ for being LGBT, I absolutely love that the stigma is being let go and many wonderful authors are showing their pride. As a member of the LGBTQ community I absolutely love getting hold of a book that isn’t just the usual male-female relationship (although I love those too!).

It’s a very fun, quick read and I highly suggested it to anyone that enjoys diversity in their reading.


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