Deadly Sweet⭐⭐⭐⭐

So the description states if you loved Hex Hall this is recommended and I absolutely loved that series even though the ending did not go how I wanted it but that’s a different story.

This book is about Anise Wise, a witch. Being a witch is extremely rare and the fact that Anise can bake with her magic is even more rare. But enchantment is frowned upon in society. Because of her status as a witch, she cannot live her dream of going to pastry school and receives a rejection letter in the mail.

In pops Aunt Agatha with an amazing offer for Anise, if she becomes Agathas apprentice she inherits the family bakery at the end of her training. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? Wrong.

She has to move to Sedona and her aunt has got some shady stuff going on in the local magic community. The last apprentice was assassinated and now Anise has to find out who it is before she’s assassinated.

So this book is a little bit of almost every category. Ya, NA, mystery, magic. Anyone who knows me via real life or even on Instagram knows I LOVE baking. As a matter of fact I’ll be starting school next fall to get my associates in baking (SO EXCITED!!!) So to find a book that was not only interesting but had baking talk in it too made me sooooooo happy! So I loved that there was baking and magic in the book but the mystery aspect was a bit obvious. Overall I would rate it 3.75 stars for baking and humor.


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