Bookish Boyfriends⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I knew as soon as I read the description that I was going to absolutely love this book! I mean I’ve only wished a thousand times that Rhysand and Jace Wayland were real.

Merrilee is a 16 year old girl that thinks boys in books are way better than boys in real life. (Who could blame her?)

Merrilee, her best friend Eliza, and her little sister Rory transfer to a new school where their fantasies come true. I am a bit disappointed that of all the things focused on in English class for Brit Lit, Romeo and Juliet was chosen and was the main focus for about 60 percent of the book *gag* but then a way better classic comes in. You will seriously not be disappointed.

Merrilee is definitely a modern-day Belle, with her love of books. This book was seriously too adorable. This will be one I re-read a thousand times.


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  1. Great review! It looks like a book I really need to read.
    RHYSAND! 😍😆
    Happy reading! 😊

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