The Wolf of Dorian Gray 


The Wolf of Dorian Gray: A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man is the first book of a series revolving around the classic figure of Dorian Gray and his struggles with evil, which takes the form here of the last remaining wolf in 1800s England. 

  As in the original Oscar Wilde Portrait of Dorian Gray, Dorian faces the temptations of wicked forces and the drive to be good; but unlike Portrait, a wolf enters the picture to grow from a persecuted, hunted beast into a dangerous, malevolent force that enters London with malevolent intentions. 

  In this scenario Dorian may be the only force that can stop or transform it – or, is he just another pawn in the devil’s game?

I have to say, when I was asked to review this book I was instantly intrigued. I had read The Picture of Dorian Gray a while ago and absolutely enjoyed it. Here we have something entirely unique. 

A man. A wolf. A painting.

The book starts off intense from the beginning and becomes an emotional roller coaster. I do also feel a bit bad for James in the prologue and his untimely end. Mr. Ference killed off a character faster than George R.R. Martin! Pretty impressive I would say.

Sage is soft spoken. Lady Helena is a bit pushy and a bit of a floozy. Dorian Gray comes off as a jerk who always tries to find a way to justify his horrible means.  The way he talks to Sage at points is honestly appalling. Like when he tells Lady Helena she must stay because keeping company with Sage is boring. He begins to have a rather brazen nightlife with Lady Helena and starts keeping company with Sage less and less. Dorian’s relationship and connection with the wolf is very interesting. 

I imagine this would definitely be the modernized version of The Picture of Dorian Gray. This book will suck you in, and have you putting off other obligations just to finish the book. The authors writing is absolutely wonderful. I would have to say that this is definitely a book intended for adults. As there are a few instances of discussed drug use, although for this time period was normal, as well as some mentioned scenes of a sexual nature. 

This book is very deserving of its high ratings. It is an excellent book. I look forward to reading what Brian Ference puts out in the future. You can buy a copy of this wonderful read for yourself or for a friend here!


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