The Night Circus

I don’t think there are enough words to describe how much I LOVED this book. It quickly became my new favorite read. I absolutely love books about circuses, carnivals, and asylums and this one is the absolute best there is. 

Magical. Romantic. Action packed. This book is absolutely perfect and you will be absorbed. Celia and Marco are absolutely wonderful, as well as all the other circus performers. I do wish there were going to be more books on the other circus performers, such as back stories for them. 

I feel this book is highly under appreciated and doesn’t get mentioned enough and I will be making it my personal mission to remedy this. Au revoir, rêveures! 


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  1. Caitlin Lane says:

    It was hard to move on after I finished The Night Circus. After such an incredible read I knew that whatever I read next wouldn’t live up to this one. I purposely picked a book in a very different genre to follow it up with so that I wouldn’t spend too much time comparing the two.


  2. The next book I picked up was Scythe by Neal Shusterman so I could avoid a book hangover.


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