The Geri Rogue- D.R. Hedge


Descendants of cursed wolves from the Viking era, every full moon causes Retter and his kind to shift and change back into their natural form. For some time, this was enough for him. With no hope of becoming full wolf, and no way to escape the abyss of depression, Retter is losing faith in what his future may hold. It is only when, one night on the Prest Road overpass, he meets a blue haired woman who becomes his silver lining. Yet, all good things must, eventually, come to an end. Set in the vivid Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Allow yourself to follow Retter through the chaos of depression, aggression, his search for happiness or for a way to end this.


The book immediately starts off with action. *TRIGGER WARNING* the book does start off with the main character trying to commit suicide.  The main character also deals with depression. There are also a few graphic scenes, including the wolves shifting and hunting a doe, and Retter enacting acts of violence on a jerks face.

One downside to the book, Retter is pretty dramatic. Basically repeating that he hates his worthless life through a large amount of pages. He’s really a bit whiny in the beginning to the point where he gets annoying. I continued, and it does get ALOT better.

He meets a blue haired girl named Brixton during another suicide attempt location, where he walked up to her about to jump off a pass. They get to talking and go back to her apartment. As time goes by, they steadily grow closer. Which is great they’re good for each other , then his fiancé Signy comes back. If anyone ever needed to get smacked, it’s her. I don’t like putting spoilers, as I feel it ruins a book for whoever reads them, but nothing happens between Retter and Brixton until about the 60% mark, which made me sad. But it gets steamy quickly. This is definitely more of an adult book, just an FYI. There’s a twist that rips your freaking heart out. 

So it took me a while to like Retter, but I instantly adored Bri. This book is pretty good.Definitely a very emotional read. I seriously hope someday there will be a book about Mads and Asta!

A book with werewolves, romance, and rock music. What more could you need? You can pick the book up Here 🐺


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