Emotions- Arnulfo Cantarero

Emotions is a book about 22 year old, Jason Ariaz who is genetically and cybernetically enhanced. He is an extraterrestrial being who has a thinking computer in his brain. When he landed on earth he and his thinking computer were damaged, so now he has to go on living less than the rest of his kind. His kind are on a mission to gain emotions, as they have none. If Jason succeedes, he will be the first of his kind to do so in 200,000 years. Given that his thinking computer is damaged, Jason has emotional episodes and is actually capable of holding friendships with humans, albeit awkwardly.

The book begins with a prologue, followed by a chapter on what happened 12 hours prior to the prologue, then follows up with the start of the beginning for Jason Ariaz where he learns English, and manners thanks to a friendship with a classmate named Stephanie. Along with experiencing typical kid stuff, like getting into your fathers liquor cabinet. By the way, incredibly jealous of his ability to learn a language in ONE NIGHT!  

I don’t want to go into too much detail and spoil the book for you (definitely check it out!), but Emotions is a really good sci-fi read, I got utterly absorbed in it and binge read it! It has 262 pages, so it’s a pretty average sized book. Some parts seem wacky and a bit cheesey, like Jason’s internal dialogue with Computer during his fight with John. But I feel it fit really well with the different ages of Jason. Plus most sci-fi is a bit cheesey (Mystery Science Theater 3000, anyone?). 

The characters are great. The storyline was very unique. It was a very enjoyable read. If you enjoy young adult sci-fi definitely give it a read! 

You can purchase your copy Here


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